They are the most badass group of women I have ever met. They define fierce. They take no BS and brook no nonsense. They live life on their terms, unflinching, no apologies offered. Why shouldn’t they? They don’t need to apologize for their existence. They have worked hard and know they have every right to be, to belong, to thrive and flourish.

It’s a bit of a fluke that we all came to be part of the same social circle. Strong women can often feel a bit adrift, not used to seeing themselves reflected in others, at least not often. We live on the road less traveled, by definition, we aren’t used to seeing other travelers.

But we, as much as our life circumstances, are a product of traveling that road. Dance to the beat of your own drummer, grab life by the horns and live it, no moss gathering under our feet. This may have something to do with why we all find ourselves at this stage of our life, single again. Changing relationships, changing friendships, changing homes, communities, lives. It can be a steep learning curve, and there is a blessed refuge in communing with others walking down that same confounding road.

I’m awestruck by the sheer numbers of us, by our strength and our fearlessness in the face of many kinds of adversity. I’m gobsmacked at how many educated, intelligent and successful women we count among our numbers. It’s an improbable statistic but so very real.

I call us the alpha females. Eventually it’s simply the alphas.

It’s truly a term of endearment, and more fitting than I can express.

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