Paul and Ashley hopped into my car Thanksgiving Eve. I asked how their evening was. There was a tinge of meh in Paul’s response, which I quipped about. He said “well, she’s happy, happy wife, happy life”. Ashley looks at him and says “wife”? And he says “well yeah, someday”.

We chatted a bit, and turns out her brother (his friend) isn’t on board. And they both respect his opinion, so they are waiting for him to come around. But I joked “darn, I thought I was finally going to check that Uber proposal off my list!”. They decided to make my simple rideshare dream come true then and there (okay, not for real, folks). And Paul spontaneously launched into the most charming, beautiful, and utterly endearing proposal I’ll probably ever witness (since, you know, I’m no Ashley).

Fake or not, it was a privilege to witness the moment and swept both the ladies in the car off their feet for a moment.

They are an adorable couple with the world at their feet. I’m crossing my fingers that brother/friend comes around and soon, because these two starting a life together just makes me smile.

Sometimes just seeing all the good in the world is all it takes to renew your faith in humanity.

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