We’ve all seen the memes:

I want someone who looks at me like….

Yeah. That’s EXACTLY what I want. There are a whole lot of items on the “nice to have” side of my list, but the “must have” list is pretty darn short. I’m basically looking for my equal. In terms of successfully managing finances, hygiene, education and intellect, vision for the future. I am always a fan of someone who pushes me and challenges me, but I want someone who has my back the way I have theirs, who will prioritize me the way I do them.

My life is too full for mediocrity.

But everyone claims to want that, and yet when I look around me, few people seem to actually chose it. It’s confusing and a little bit scary. It makes me wonder if dating at middle age, particularly dating at middle age when you have extraordinary burdens, is a fool’s errand.

I’m a fierce advocate for believing that great things happen to good people, but the reality is, that isn’t always true.

Ultimately, I do love my life and I’m working hard to create one I love even more. But I’ve had a whole lot of experience being the person who looks at someone that way, who gives that kind of love, and not a lot of receiving it.

I want to believe that can change.

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